Christmas Challenge Day **9**

Day 9, Monday December 13th

The Labour of Surrender! Imagine the reality of Mary making room for Jesus inside of her body. If you haven’t had the experience of being pregnant and giving birth you should know that it is not easy. Everything shifts. Your body starts to get larger and out of your own control until finally the day when you’ve lost it all together! ☺ The labor of surrender is much like that. Christ is FORMED IN US. We are all pregnant with the New Life of Jesus. So, welcome!

Welcome to Day 9! Behold He is making all things new including you! The daily, weekly rhythms are starting to take some shape in your life. Hopefully by now you are starting to even do the praying by heart. Experiment with this as you feel ready. 

Daily prayer here:

WEEK 2 YouVersion plan  – don’t forget to read this scripture together… connection is key.

Pray for your HUB. (By the way—have you heard of the inner room APP—it’s a great tool for intercessory prayer… check it out here if you’d like to organize your prayer time.)

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