Christmas Challenge Day *1*

This Christmas challenge is about JESUS.

WELCOME to the challenge friends.
Preparing the way. That’s what we are doing. Preparing the way for Jesus.

December is one of the busiest and most chaotic months for people. And yet, it is the month we set aside to focus on Jesus and what His presence and life means to us. I guess it’s true that it really doesn’t matter what month it is—but what if we took this one and in the midst of our chaos we chose to center Jesus. If you think about the original people in the Christmas story it may occur to you like it did to us that they weren’t in a relaxed season when Jesus showed up!

The Christmas challenge is designed to help you center Jesus in the midst of chaos. To make room in your life and calendar and heart for Him. 


Well, the challenge is best done together. Grab a friend, small group or members of your family and decide together to practice Jesus centered living this month!

We start every morning with this posture prayer, don’t worry we will remind you every day in case you forget. :-)

Tomorrow, begin this YouVersion Bible reading plan for this week. You can invite your group to read the plan together—don’t forget to leave a note when you’ve read it so it might encourage your friends on the same journey. 

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