Christmas Challenge Day **18**

Day 18, Wednesday December 22nd

Why not share your daily prayer routine with someone today? Your kids? Your friends? Social media? We all need some practical ways to keep our lives centered on Jesus… maybe this could help someone as you share the effect it’s having on your own life and health? 

  • Daily Prayer 
  • Scripture and connect (the connection is the point. Some HUBS have actually phoned each other and read the scriptures together every morning as a way of keeping accountable. We aren’t going to dictate how you do every part of the challenge but the key word is challenge. What will help you keep consistent this week? Do that. :-) ) 
  • Pray for your HUBsters AND throw in a prayer for everyone trying to follow Jesus today. Our Global family is diverse—let’s celebrate that and long for that in our own connections. 

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