Christmas Challenge Day **6**

Day 6, Friday December 10th
Congrats. You’ve already defied the majority odds of making it this far!! You are not just thinking about doing things differently—you are DOING it. What a joy. Keep it up friends.

Easy steps to begin… and easy links to help. Just incase you need a little nudge from us:
Daily prayer (yes, again… second verse, same as the first—a little bit louder and a little bit worse… :-) just joking… practice makes perfect… do the postures today with YOUR WHOLE BODY).

For prayer postures, download the infinitum app and choose the daily prayer

Check in on your YouVersion Bible plan…

Pray for your hub… don’t be afraid to reach out for a quick prayer call or zoom check in or walk in the park today! Connection is life. Even though we are inclined in our Western Culture to think about our relationship with Jesus as private and personal, the truth is that Jesus came in the middle of community—there were many people involved from the start… not to mention people past (prophets and the entire witness of the Scriptures) and present (Elizabeth and Zacharias and John the Baptist) and future (wise men and shepherds and Inn keepers and well, apparently even a little drummer boy—although that’s not in the Bible ;-) The point is we need each other to fully MAKE ROOM for Jesus.

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