Christmas Challenge Day **7**

Day 7, Saturday December 11th

When I try, I fail. When I trust, he succeeds.”—Corrie Ten Boom

Try it. Trust. Don’t get distracted by not doing things perfectly. Shake off the dust and start today like it was the first day. Easy does it. Just today trust Jesus with your life.
  • Pray a daily prayer HERE 
  • Check in with your You Version Bible Plan (leave a note for some others!)—and we’ve totally done a few days catch up in one before… don’t sweat it—it’s not a race. 
  • PRAY for your hub. 

AND A NEW PRACTICE FOR TODAY, A WEEKLY CHALLENGE: this is your challenge should you choose to accept it (don’t worry, this won’t blow up after you read it!). ;-)

Week 1 Challenges to choose from:

Local: Bake some goods/donate some items to people in need in your local neighborhood (foodbanks/neighbours in distress/people stuck inside).

Global: Use this GIFT catalogue from World Vision to choose gifts that will impact those most vulnerable around the world. It’s a gift that speaks about the quality of LIFE Jesus has come to bring. Use these gifts as a way of explaining who Jesus is to your family and friends.

USA Gift Catalog Link:
You’ve got this!

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