Christmas Challenge Day **16**

Day 16, Monday December 20th

This is the first day of Week 3!! We will be exploring the Generosity of God and contemplating this Kingdom idea: EVERYBODY’s IN. Yep. You too. Everyone is invited to behold Jesus. You’ve passed the halfway mark of the Christmas challenge and we want to remind you how amazing this is! Seriously. Give yourself a high-five! Pat yourself on the back. We tend to dismiss the small things as unimportant or insignificant BUT the small things are the way towards transformation. This week is gonna be awesome. And you are invited into even MORE. Phew. God’s generosity is something else!

Just to make it super easy—here is your daily reminders and links: 

Daily prayer here:
WEEK 3 YouVersion plan —don’t forget to read this scripture together… connection is key.

Pray for your HUBsters

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