Christmas Challenge Day **21**

Day 21, Saturday December 25th

It’s CHRISTMAS. And one of the most mind-blowing things about Jesus is that He CAME TO US—we didn’t have to do or work or pay anything to find God— God found us. RELAX into this truth today! And Merry Christmas. May Jesus be the GIFT that never stops giving in and through you.

  • Daily prayer 
  • Scripture and connect 
  • Pray for hubsters (maybe even reach out to your hub with a text or encouragement today—you could even go old school and give them a call?) 

Merry Christmas from Bette!

As we turn the corner from Christmas to New Years, now is a time we can prepare our hearts for the next year. You ready for 2022? Me neither. But today is your day - Bette Dickinson created a special gift for both of us to get there!⁠

Introducing the Prepare the Way for 2022—Reflection Guide, a year-end resource to help us transition into the new year in a thoughtful, intentional way.⁠

This guide is designed to help you:⁠

🙌🏼 Review your past year... so you can remember what God has done and practice gratitude for his work in your life.⁠

🎉 Celebrate and Grieve what you've experienced in 2021... so you can process the joys and triumphs from the last year.⁠

🌱 Reflect on how you've grown this year... so you can solidify things you've learned and bring them with you into 2022.⁠

🙏🏼 Ask God for His desire for you can enter the year with Holy-Spirit led vision.⁠

🎧 Bonus: Includes a Lectio Divina and Guided Imagery audio meditation led by Bette!⁠

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Get your gift reflection guide here!

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