Christmas Challenge Day **20**

Day 20, Friday December 24th

It’s the night before Christmas and all through the house—everyone was making intentional space for JESUS. :-) 

To be intentional about is part of the daily decisions we make and connected to what we do first and last. Try praying the daily prayer first thing in the morning… to posture ourselves to be OPEN to God and willing to be LED. And try praying the daily prayer at night. Sometimes I find I’m using the postures like a filter while I’m falling asleep… where was I surrendered today? Where was I invited to be generous? What things did I freely receive? How was my life open to the needs of others? Then spend some time thanking God for those invitations (both the ones we took and the ones we missed) and sleep in the LOVE of God who accepts us just the way we are. Tomorrow we celebrate His birth. Wow. Gift of all gifts. Receive Him.

  • Daily Prayer 
  • Scripture and connect 
  • Pray for your HUB

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