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Whoever you are, wherever you are from, you are welcome here.

Coming Up Next Week 

Kingdom Story Fellowship - Kingdom Story Mobile Resource Partnership is planning to serve our community May 22nd and could use your help! Additional information and volunteer registration on link.

Everything is Different in COVID time

From learning  groups to online worship, gatherings in the park or deep discussions on facebook, our goal is to make sure that everyone knows that they matter, that their voice is important and their lives are a part of God's story. Living a better story, that's what are are all working together to do. 

At Kingdom Story Fellowship, you belong

Kingdom Story Fellowship is a faith community that takes to call to local service and gospel reconciliation to heart. We are a Gospel Centered, Multi Ethnic, Intergenerational faith community and we exist to help people find and follow Jesus! Everyone is a part of this thing.

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

New Book Study

Alpha Online

Reconciliation Resources

Living Our Mission

Gospel Centered

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the center of everything we do, say, proclaim and sing. It is simply the reason that we are

Multi Ethnic

The work of the Gospel is reconciliation: first to God, then to one another. We are moving toward the unity we see in Revelation 7:9, all people worshipping God, together.


We have a value for diverse families, whether they are a two parent or single parent households. Our passion is to partner with parents and equip them to disciple their kids. 

"Roadmap to discipleship"

Today, we lay out a vision for leaning into discipleship in 2021and how Kingdom Story Fellowship is creating onramps to growth in our faith in Christ.

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